Friday, 11 December 2015

Surveys 2.

I don`t think these will work for me. Main reason for this is my location.
I live in middle of Europe in a smaller city. Most of survey sites I came across can work for big cities in US. If you live in Big Apple, Washington DC or other big city give it a try.
Earning around 10 bucks in an hour for answering few surveys sounds good. Bummer is when you take a test to be accepted and you are not. After 20+ minutes of work.
If the surveys are available and you can make it every day for a month it can add 300$ to your income.

Give it a try and remember, not to join any paid site. There are free sites with nice surveys.

Vindale – get paid for surveys, evaluations, Vindale Videos, You will earn $5 for referrals
Paidviewpoint - looks nice and systems is fast and easy. Issue is that the cash out is 15$ and many people complain of not enough surveys to get there.
Inbox Dollars - trying this one out. They pay you to complete surveys online and even offer $5 just for signing-up. You can also get paid for playing games and watching videos.
SurveyClub - lots of studies for US, not for EU. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you

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